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Name Unit
Stallings,Dontarie Marquere Chemistry & Biochemistry
Bramblett,Sandra J Inst Research & Planning (IRP)
Lynch,Cynthia K Scheller College of Business
Archer,Sophie Kathryn Jinyou IE
Pollet,Pamela Chemistry & Biochemistry
Ferrier,Kenneth Leslie Earth & Atmospheric Sciences
Huey,Julia Katherine CHBE
Sluss,David Matthew Scheller College of Business
Imbach,Aine Maria LMC
Duttchoudhury,Amreeta ME
Soper,Jake D Chemistry & Biochemistry
Erera,Alan L Industrial & Systems Engr
Atwood,Mckenzie G CS
Dommer,Sara Loughran Scheller College of Business
Siwakoti,Ram Chandra CHBE
Southerland,Audrey Marie Interactive Computing
Paine,Martin Robert Chemistry & Biochemistry
Raczynski,Katharine A Computing, College of
Qasim,Danna Nedal Inst for Elect & Nanotechgy
Prasad,Ashita Rajesh CS
Gallego,Isaac Chemistry & Biochemistry
Liotta,Charles L Chemistry & Biochemistry
Forsythe,Jay Garrett Chemistry & Biochemistry
Abbott-Lyon,Heather Lynn Chemistry & Biochemistry
Nielson,Kevin Derek GTRI Electro-Optical Sys Labs


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